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  • Okay this was copied and pasted from my shitty Moto G smartphone and was originally posted from my journal on y!gallery. Any errors grammerical errors or misspellings found will be fixed when I have reliable internet access on my laptop. Thank you.

  • A nightmare I recently had that really scared me
Okay, this was a nightmare I had roughly about a month or so ago, when my parents had to go deal with the stuff at my Aunt Jan's house and I stayed behind to feed watch and take care of the animals. Keep in mind I'm writing this from a shitty keyboardless smartphone, so I'll evntually edit and retype this one my laptop later.

Anyways, in my dream a pretty young man with brown hair and eyes in a baby blue and pink soft colored pants dress suit announced to her mother she was pregnant happy and beaming with the news. 

A few months later she went to the hospital because she was having problems with her pregnancy. She was told she have to stay a few days without a real explanation as to why. 

When her mother came to see her daughter, she was literally skin and bones. Her daughter was naked all expect for a hospital gown that barely covered her. She opened up her legs and said "Mommy, look." 

Everything genitalia wise that defined her as a woman including the abilities to get pleasure from sex, masturbation and her ability to get pregnant again had all been surgically removed. 

When her mother demanded to see the doctor that performed this procedure she harshly explained that her daughter had come here because she was pregnant with her first baby and had, had some complications with the pregnancy, not what had been done to her. The doctor a rather rude bitchy female said she had done what she did in the name of God and because it was God's will and God had willed it to be done. When the mother threatened to sue the doctor and the hospital on malpractice and physically deforming her daughter and getting every bloody red cent the doctor and the hospital was worth the doctor calmly and eerily stated again that she had done God's work and God's will that they couldn't sue her or the hospital for doing God's work or the will of God. At that point I forcibly woke myself up.

I believe that nightmare was inspired or caused by the book The Last Vampire 4 Phantom by Christopher Pike since the previous night I had been reading that books series nonstop practically all day, but I can't be entirely certain on that either since when I read those books as a teen it never gave me nightmares before. 

Who knows? All I know is the nightmare/dream scared the living fuck outta me.
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MidnightTiger8140 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for the fave~ ^_^
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thnx for the fav
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Thank you very much for your fave on my Tatsumi Souichi^^/
Sayaandhagi4ever Featured By Owner 6 days ago
It's cool, take as much time as you need to reply.

I don't read too many scary kids books (unless of course you wanna count the Fear Street books I happen to stumble across in thrift stores or Goodwill as kids books) now, these days the plots and themes are too predictable which gets boring. Fast.

To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't know, because I happen to well over 18years old when I bought the Fifty Shades of Grey without so much as a second glance from the cashier. And the Kate Douglas Pirates of Wild Paradise I took/stole from my Mom's room at 14 years old (She had so many of those damn thrift store romance novels it's extremely doubtful she even noticed it was missing or gone at the time.) So technically I didn't buy that book.

Umm no, I've never heard of L.J. Smith, perhaps I'll look him or her up online later on tonight.

Trust me I know what you mean. A couple of months ago at some little church themed catholic church themed thrift store down town here, I was lucky enough to find like 12 or so Fear Street books and I polished them off in like 3 days and when I went back to find another book to read I noticed I had read them all.

I keep finding myself saying out loud to no in particular other than myself in stores how I much I wish they had Christopher Pike and R.L. Stine books still on the shelves like they did in the mid to late 1990's in stores and not just bookstores or thrift stores like it is now.

I really do love reading just about anything Christopher Pike writes, even his *bad* books.

Btw I finished The Remember Me series. I am now working on taking time reading The Red Queen.
urbuddiondreamcrack Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015
Oh, I feel bad in saying that I have not read either of those books ): But sadly books are always expensive like that :/

Um I've only read one, so I don't really know how comparable it is to Goosebumps, but I think it had something to do with a mirror and when you walked through it, there was a town that was like the scary version of the real one and things like that, but it's more for younger kids I think so it really wasn't worth the time. But yeah I know what you mean about Goosebumps, after reading so many it's really easy to outgrow it because they had similar "plot twists".

Ah, I haven't read them lol. Don't you have to be 18 to buy them?

And nice!
Now V.C. Andrews, that sounds familiar, what did they write?
Also, have you ever heard of L.J Smith?

Yeah I know what you mean, it's really easy to just devour his novels and then be like what happened, I had 12 books to read, where did they go?! xD

I actually went to a book warehouse not long ago, huge place, and the only Pike book I could find was from the Spooksville series. I felt extremely let down.

and you're totally fine. It's amazing to find someone that knows Pike and is able to have a conversation about him. I try to force him on my friends lol.

Sorry I was busy and unable to reply sooner, Nikki
xseerx Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2015  Student Digital Artist
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hope you're enjoying the Somebody To Die For series! XD

please do check out my other LevixReader oneshots and series if you're interested! :D
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